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Oil & Gas IT


Oil and Gas IT Solutions

Our services do not stop at managing your IT infrastructure, with over 9 years in the field experience no project is to complex for our staff. If you have an IT related project please call for a free consultation.

Field Communications Solutions

Project Management and Engineering:

  • Preventative maintenance planning

Design and implementation of custom aerial masts/towers:

  • Steel Lattice
  • Tubular Steel
  • Temporary (rentals) or permanent
  • CSA graded

Satellite Internet and implementations

Wireless Internet

  • Planning and implementation
  • Heat-mapping & interference testing

Spread Spectrum Systems Design

  • Repeater systems ie. ISCADA, Microwave, Fibre Optic

Field Telephony Solutions

  • VOIP Pay Phone Systems (Pay Cards are excellent for camps)
  • Iridium Phones (InReach two way SAT communication)
  • Cell Phone Boosters
  • Mobile radio & handheld

Tech Response works with some of the best remote ISP providers for internet in the northern Alberta / BC regions. We strive to provide our remote field clients with the best communications solutions available. We monitor and maintain these connections utilizing tools that give us advanced notice upon a failure of any kind allowing us to respond to an outage in record time and with as little on-site intervention as possible. We maintain skilled and qualified technicians for onsite repairs as needed to ensure your communications are reliable.

For further information. (click here or call 403-771-8324)

Security CCTV Provisioning and Installation

Design and implementation for the most efficient coverage

  • Quality and quantity
  • Storage capacity requirements
  • Volume of recorded material, resolution requirements
  • Accessibility options (Internet based remote access, smart
    phone access, etc.)

CCTV Camera technology:

  • Standard Wired (Video Extension, DIN or BNC)
  • Wireless
  • Network Based IP Camera’s (RJ45, Fibre)
  • Megapixel Camera’s
  • Outdoor / Indoor solutions

DVR Recording

  • Maximum Camera inputs
  • Drive options and capacity limits
  • Frames per second requirements
  • Encoding Options (MPEG4, NTSC, PAL)

Equipment/Vehicle Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is the use of Global Positioning System technology to accurately identify, locate and manage multiple vehicles and assets on a map in real-time. Location, movement, vehicle and mileage data generated from GPS fleet tracking software is being utilized for companies to assure their fleet vehicle’s efficiency, safety and compliance.

  • Fleet Analytics & Fleet Safety
  • GPS powered fleet tracking in real time 24 hour coverage
    (including smart phone access)
  • The historical status of each vehicle, including when it started up and shut down, as well as its idling status, location, speed, and more
  • Preventative maintenance information to recognize
    potential risks
  • Remote Immobilization & loss prevention
  • Trips Plotting and Reporting
  • Mileage and PTO reports
  • Telematics

Access Control

In every access control system, entries and exits are allowed by entering a code, swiping a magnetically striped card through a reader, or passing a badge near a proximity reader. whether it’s one door for small businesses or large multi-site facilities. Activity is electronically recorded by a stand alone program, via PC or integrated on your network

  • Validate or void cards quickly and easily.
  • Set schedules to allow and restrict access during specified
    periods of time.
  • Handle multiple entry points in multiple locations.
  • Activity reports for employee access verification with log of date,time and card number.
  • Recognize master and sub-master cards.
  • Alarm deactivation with authorized entrance.
  • Automatic door unlock during fire alarms.
  • Maintain employee profiles in database.
  • Limit employee access to high security areas.
  • Prevent the public entering employee areas and parking.
  • Exiting from special areas only.
  • Manage your access system remotely from any computer.